Exporting Substance Painter GLTFs to A-Frame/WebXR

Richard Anaya
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

I wanted to write a simple short and sweet tutorial on how to export Substance Painter work to A-Frame.

First thing, make sure you are using OpenGL normals. WebGL is related to OpenGL and uses the same normals system.

Second. make sure your texture colors channels are using linear color scale. By default they are “sRGB8”. If you don’t change this and export, your base color in particular will look too dark! Change all color channels from “sRGB8” to “RGB8”.

Lastly, when you go to make your final GLTF. You need to “Export Texture”.

I know this sounds unintuitive because there is also an “Export Model”… but “Export Texture” using the next step will output BOTH model and texture.

Now, in “Export Texture”, select “gltf PBR Metal Roughness”

Select now the output directory you want all your final GLTF model and textures to go.

Finally, you can import it in with a simple A-Frame tag!

That’s it!